Greensleeves Yarn Dye Stripe Oversized Shirt by Binny

Greensleeves Yarn Dye Stripe Oversized Shirt by Binny

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  • Oversized, long line fit shirt
  • Front Breast Pocket
  • High-Low Curved Hem
  • Pink gingham on the back of the collar.
  • Aysemmetrical hemline with drop tail curved back.


A possible interpretation of the lyrics of the 15th Century ballad Greensleeves, was startling. At the time, the word "green" had connotations, in reference to the grass  on a woman's dress from engaging in amorous behaviours outdoors. Crikey. In other translations green is the colour of love. Either way we are taking both as a positive.

This is a boyfriend style shirt and thus our 2021 interpretation of Greensleeves is that you love wearing a oversized classic cotton striped shirt, this one is yours not your boyfriends & you happily put it on regardless of how well the relationship is or isn’t tracking. If you are still having a great time outdoors together after all this time that's brilliant.


Size down. Design to be worn oversized.